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Watch Barcelona FC Live Stream Match Today

Levante vs FC Barcelona
15:45 ET | 16 December 2018

Angkringan Pandawa The first place you can visit to watch a football match today is Angkringan Pandawa. Angkringan is an Indonesian term to describe a place which is suitable to hang out without spending too much amount of money. Well, indeed, the price of the foods here is not too high while the location’s atmosphere is not too shabby. Besides, the place is popular among the people of Semarang since it occasionally holds an event to watch a football match together. Obviously, this is a great place to watch Barcelona live match today. If you are wondering about its location, well, it is situated on Gajah Raya Street no. 25, Gayamsari District and it opens from 5 PM until midnight, which is 12 AM.

D’Cheers CaféNow, let’s mention the next location you can use to watch a football match with your friends, as well as the excellent place to hang out. D’Cheers Café is one of the best places in Semarang if you want to watch a football match while having a bottle of cold beer. The beers served here are mostly decent and tasty, while the football matches here are satisfying to watch, as long as it is either a match from La Liga, Premier League, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Champions League, or Europa League. As long as it’s a big match, it will be played there! By the way, you should not bother ordering a food here since they seem don’t care about the quality of the foods they have. It is located on Ngesrep Timur Street V no. 55, Semarang.

Warung Sosmet’s The name might sound silly, but the quality and the service provided by the café are great. This is a good place to visit if you wish for a place to hang out with your colleagues. Besides, people who are looking for a place to watch a football match together with their friends should come here since it has a widescreen inside the room. Occasionally, the screen in the café which is located on Veteran Street no. 3A Semarang is used to watch big football matches, and you can use it to watch Barcelona live match today.