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FC Liverpool vs Manchester United
12:00 ET | 16 December 2018

Manchester United Believe it or not, all of you must have heard about this football team. Manchester United is one of the famous football team in the whole world. In the beginning, the Manchester United Football Club was formed in 1878. Surprisingly, the founder of this big club was none other than railway yard workers at Newton Heath and LYR (Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway). All of those railway workers are first formed the club under the name of Newton Heath LYR. Then, after they facing their first financial problem and was saved by a local brewery owner named John Henry Davies. Thus, Davies changed the name of the club so it can have a cooler name. In 1902, after changing the name, Manchester United was born.

In Manchester United, there are about four teams who play under the club. There is a first team, women team, under 18’s, and under 23’s. Of course, being in the premier league, the first team of the club is the team who will play at the most club matches. Speaking about the Manchester United matches, if you want to watch their match, you can watch them on October, 20th 2018 at 12.30. On that day, they will be playing against the other big-name club, Chelsea. If you cannot come to the actual match, you can surely enjoy the match at home together with your family and friends. How come we get to watch the match at home? Most of Manchester United’s matches are live and can be streamed. So, you only need to use your internet and watch live football match today!